4 Grease Trap Cleaning Myths Busted

If you own a restaurant, you probably know how important a grease trap is. It ‘traps’ all the grease, oils and fats while disposing wastewater. Without a functional grease trap, these materials could build up, clog your pipes and lead to major damage and costly repairs. In fact, restaurants have been required by states to install grease traps to avoid clogged plumbing lines and prevent damage in sewer systems.

However, many restaurant owners are still confused with how a grease trap works despite its crucial role in their restaurants. The following are some of the most common misconceptions about grease trap cleaning that need to stop now.

1. You can clean a grease trap with hot water.

Many people still believe that pouring hot water could easily clean grease traps. While it’s true that hot water can melt grease and fats, they also quickly solidify when water turns cold. Treating a grease trap with hot water alone can instead lead your pipes to get clogged with grease and fats.

2. Soap can get rid of the grease in your pipes.

Soap is commonly used to clear grease and fats. However, it’s not the best fix if you have clogged pipes or grease trap. Applying soap into your pipes just won’t unclog it.

3. Grease trap maintenance won’t be necessary in restaurants with healthy food menu.

Even the healthiest food would still require oils to be prepared. So, unlike what many people think, restaurant owners and managers should still pay attention to their grease traps no matter what kind of food they offer.

4. When your grease trap gets full, wastewater won’t flow through your plumbing.

Many people rely on the wrong idea that a full grease trap would stop the drain line from flowing. What really happens is that a full grease trap allows grease to flow freely through your plumbing. This results to clogged and damaged pipes. So, don’t wait for your grease trap to be full before you take action.

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