3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Septic Systems

A septic system consists of a septic tank and a drainage system. Septic systems are common in rural areas but can be found in urban places, too.

A septic tank is a huge, watertight container placed underground connected to your home’s septic line. It is where all the water and waste is collected. It can be rectangular or cylindrical, and is usually made of concrete, polyethelene, fiberglass or steel.

A septic drainage system consists of pipes and drain field or mound. If the level of fluids inside the septic tank get high enough, it flows out of the tank into the pipes then eventually ends on the drain mound or field.

We have here three important things to note about septic systems:
  1. Septic systems, like all other things, have a lifespan.

Unlike what most people believe in, septic systems don’t last forever. Its lifespan will be determined by many factors. It will depend on how it was installed, or if it has been properly maintained, inspected and pumped.
  1. Every homeowner needs to be cautious of what is being flushed or poured down the drain.

There’s a number of things that should never be flushed down the septic system as it would highly affect the drainage and would cause even bigger problems. We should not let tissues, feminine hygiene products and everything that don’t dissolve down the drain or the toilet. Also, we should avoid using too much chlorine bleach or chemicals that can kill the bacteria that the system needs to function well.
  1. Your septic system will need to be inspected and have scheduled pumping.

We do not want our septic system to fail because untreated sewage may be released causing it to go into the surface or around the tank. It might get even worse that waste would be forced back to the pipes of our property. The key to having a septic system that functions well and last a longer lifespan is regular and proper maintenance. You can regard pumping your septic as a preventive maintenance.
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