10 Things You Should Avoid Doing To Your Septic System

Keeping a well-maintained system is essential not only for the environment, but also to save you from unnecessary costs. On an average, the whole septic system replacement costs $26,000. To avoid the risk of spending that amount of money, you need to know how to properly use your septic system and avoid these:
  1. Never allow any type of plastic to enter the septic system. This goes the same with large amount of solvents, fats, or chemicals.
  2. Protect your leach field and make sure no vehicles or heavy equipment will park or drive over the area so the soil won’t be compacted and the pipes won’t be crushed.
  3. Do not use the septic system as garbage disposal. Make sure that food particles that won’t break down in the septic tank are chopped up so they won’t clog the leach field lines.
  4. Never connect basement sump pumps to the septic system.
  5. Keep the leach field open and do not plant anything over it. Never cover the septic tank with concrete, cement, or asphalt.
  6. Do not overload the system with too much water.
  7. When entering the septic tank, make sure there’s proper ventilation. You need to have a second person to be present on the ground. Remember: sewer gasses can cause death!
  8. Never connect water treatment devices to the septic system without professional advice.
  9. Never put a separate pipe for grey water to a ditch or in the woods. Greywater also contain microorganisms that can cause diseases.
  10. Do not wait for signs of septic system failure.
These are just some of the most important things that you should avoid doing to your septic system. Keep yourself from stress and added costs by properly using and maintaining your septic toilets and tanks.
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